COHSMO Policy Brief No. 1

The COHSMO Project is now ready with the first policy brief

The participants in the COHSMO Project have completed the first policy brief, which is is based on the work of Work Package 2 and provides theoretical evidence on the relation between spatial justice and economic growth, and more concretely, on how a deepening of spatial inequalities can hinder economic development across and between scales.

Understanding the drivers of spatial inequality in an ex-post integrated economic environment is an important assignment for both theory and policy. Although a variety of theoretical explanations has been put forward in order to explain observed variations of spatial inequalities, a review of such an extensive literature suggests that there is not yet a generally accepted theoretical framework for explaining spatial inequalities. The focal point of WP2 is the root causes of spatial disparities as they are inadequately conceptualised and poorly understood.

The brief can be read here: Policy Brief 1

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