Meeting in the Polish Advisory Board (NAB)

Today, the 18th of June, the first meeting in the Polish National Advisory Board was held.

Eight board members attended the meeting. Three of the representatives were from local governments; the m   ayor of the suburban local government, chair of the rural council and an officer from the city of Warsaw. The remaining five representatives were experts and NGO representatives, including the vice-director of the Association of Polish Cities. The NAB members are selected to represent a broad spectrum of interests, and their primary function is to debate the project’s methods and objectives, and to offer advice on how to reach stakeholders, policy-makers and the public in general.

COHSMO presented the project and discussed the specific plans for the case study field research with the NAB. The discussion revealed several useful points and interesting ideas, especially regarding language style in connection to specific target audiences, which will be taken into consideration as the project moves forward with the next phase.